Born free
Born free
Born free
Born free

Born free

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Limited edition artwork
Photographed in Lower Zambezi, Zambia
Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White

Click here to explore the exact size dimensions and edition numbers of all 4 sizes* 

Only few places in the world radiate the energy of Lower Zambezi. Dense forests of winter thorn trees that hug the edges of one of Africa’s oldest rivers. But above all, this timeless valley is a land of giants, of towering, ancient trees and the elephant herds that find sanctuary beneath their dappled shade. During one of my walking safaris in this breath-taking forest with @tuskandmane, my eye caught a young elephant calf that was playing in the distance while the soft morning sun pierced through the tree canopy. The rest of the herd was feeding on winter thorn pods a few yards away, but this little elephant was living in his own little moment.

This image therefore depicts the young and playful spirit of new life for me. A tribute to the beautiful energy of young kids, who often have an outlook on life that’s full of curiosity, joy and amazement. One of the true joys of life. Pablo Picasso could not have said it any better: “every child is an artist; the only challenge is how to remain one as we grow up”.

*This particular print has size dimensions that slightly deviate from the standard sizing mentioned in the size guide, the deviating dimensions are:
S: 30 x 40 cm
M: 54 x 72 cm
L: 72 x 96 cm
XL: 112,5 x 150 cm

You are making a difference with purchasing this print!
For each of this particular print being sold, I am donating 10% of the net proceeds to
Conservation Lower Zambezi, so that they can continue their important work in safeguarding wildlife and people. Read more about why I am doing this here.

Certificate of Authenticity
Every limited edition artwork comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity, including a hologram patch that is matched by a unique number on both the print and the certificate. This hologram sticker can be attached to the backend of the artwork once it's framed.  

Due to the custom-made nature of each artwork, framing is only available through personal inquiry, read more about it in our FAQ. Do you want to know more about the difference between ‘fine-art on dibond’ & ‘acrylic glass’, click here.



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What people say about my prints


We have been following Pie’s work for more than 5 years now. Therefore, having one of his Umoja prints decorating our home, is not only an incredible honour, but also a testament to our support for his mission as an artist and conservationist. His work is now a beautiful daily reminder of our own memories made in Africa on various trips to Kenya as well as Zambia.

Drew & Jennifer
San Diego, USA

It’s been such a rewarding process to pick & choose the artworks as well as the materials for our two framed Umoja prints. Pie carefully guided us through the entire process and even invited us in his studio in Amsterdam to see some of the samples in person. His approach to making art as well as his commitment to protecting nature, is tangible in every step of the way.

Anne-Marie & Jaap
Rotterdam, Netherlands

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