my story

 My name is Pie and I’m Dutch photographer with a profound interest in human/wildlife coexistence stories. Through my lens, I’m examining the relationship between animals, humans and nature in an attempt to explain why we all seem increasingly disconnected from the natural world, each other and ourselves. In fact, I’m using my photography to search for the causes of that disconnect on a visual journey towards the essence of our existence.

I’m a firm believer that art can be an incredibly powerful tool in restoring our lost connection and therefore I initiated Prints for Wildlife in 2020, a fundraising model which has up to date generated $ 2.1 million for African wildlife and communities badly hit by Covid.

 After telling stories on the African continent for almost 10 years, as a photographer as well as an activist, I dare to say I’ve developed a genuine understanding, connection and passion for documenting the wild.

My print collections are a culmination of that. I hope you like it.

"Being a kid there was nothing I loved more than drawing. While others played video games or rode their bikes, I could lock myself in for hours with pencil and paper. It taught me to use my imagination and create stories within the four edges of a canvas. Now, almost 3 decades later, I’m using that very same spirit in an attempt to create meaningful stories about the last true wild places on earth. Because, as a photographer, I feel the urge more than ever to the voice of our planet. I therefore hope that my images encourage people around the world to fall in love with the natural world, because with love comes a willingness to fight for its protection." - Pie Aerts