What’s the difference between ‘Umoja open’ and ‘Umoja limited’?
Limited edition prints are only available in small limited numbers that go down as the size goes up. They are numbered and come with an official Certificate of Authenticity. Once a particular size or an edition has sold out, there won’t be any more available no matter how much you try to persuade us. This makes your chosen image a truly unique piece of art. Prices for any given limited edition print may rise as its availability decreases, especially in the bigger sizes. Therefore it pays off to be amongst the first buyers. Open edition prints are open artworks, which means they have no limit in their print run and therefore do not come with an official Certificate of Authenticity and a number. Open edition prints therefore cost less than limited editions. Otherwise, open edition prints are identical in appearance and quality to limited edition prints. 
Whats the difference between ‘fine-art on dibond’ and ‘acrylic glass’?
Fine-art on dibond’ is a Hahnemühle Photo Rag print mounted on a 3mm thick dibond hardcover plate (a combination of polyethylene & aluminum) which allows the fine paper surface structure of the fine-art paper to be beautifully visible. ‘Acrylic glass’ is a technique that mounts the artwork on a 3mm dibond plate and consequently presents it behind a 3mm UV-coated acrylic glass plate. There are 2 options: glossy & matte. This technique gives the artwork an extra sense of depth and brings the work to life. Dibond as well as acrylic glass works come with a floating hanging system, ready to hang in your space. An additional finishing touch to both framing techniques can be a wooden box frame (at an additional charge). This technique allows the dibond or acrylic artwork to ‘float’ in the frame. Due to the custom-made nature of each artwork, framing is only available upon request. Please send an email to info@pieaerts.com and we are more than happy to send you samples or invite you to our Amsterdam Studio to pick & choose your favorite materials.
Do you offer framed fine-art prints?
Sure. We offer custom-made framing options for any artwork in store. We work with carefully selected types of solid wood, anti-glare ART-glass, and several forms of passe-partouts (matt board). Framing a print can be a very personal endeavor depending on the final location the work will be displayed; therefore we are ready to help you picking the right materials and colors and will guide you  in the process. Please send an email to info@pieaerts.com to request a quote and to receive samples. 
Do you sell bigger sizes than those offered in the store?
All ‘open edition’ prints are available in any custom size. Please send an email to info@pieaerts.com to inquire for prices. All ‘limited edition’ prints only come in the sizes provided on the website with the biggest available size being 100 x 150 cm, 112,5 x 150 cm or 100 x 140 cm depending on the image ratio. However, for each limited edition artwork there's 2 so called ‘Artist Prints’ available per image. These can be printed in any size bigger than XL and are personally printed and hand-signed by Pie. Price and size upon request.
Can I order a print that is not in store or order a custom-made size?
We would love to consider that. Please email to info@pieaerts.com with the image of your preference or your desired sizing. 
Why is there a price jump in my pricing?
As a company but even more so as an invidual, I care deeply about nature and about having a small as possible footprint. In order to make a big leap forwards in terms of eco-concious branding and building a fully carbon neutral print-store, I’m offsetting my carbon footprint. In order to do so, I partnered with Theprintspace, an award-winning print lab from the UK, who off-set their carbon footprint in every aspect of their business. Because, just in case it wasn’t obvious, producing & purchasing art has an impact on the environment. Fighting for a better future for our children comes at a price. 
How long will it take to ship my print?
We offer 24hr delivery which means that after ordering, your print will be dispatched from the print lab within 24 hours. This happens either from one of the 3 print labs managed by Theprintspace: Dusseldorf, London or New York. After that the shipping providers we operate with have the following estimated delivery times:
The Netherlands: 2-4 working days 
Rest of Europe: 4-14 working days 
Rest of World: up to 21 working days 
Where do you ship? 
We ship for free to any destination around the globe! This only counts for printed work. Dibond artworks, acrylic glass artworks and framed artworks also ship globally, but at a surcharge that is being automatically calculated upon check-out, depending on your destination. However, all L and XL orders of framed artworks that need to shipped outside of Europe, might have an additional surcharge confirmed by email after check-out. If you intent to order a static piece from outside of Europe, please inquire for a shipping quote by email first since international shipping of high-value pieces is very expensive and the risk of damage in transit is high. 
What is your return policy?
All artworks are made to order and are therefore non refundable. If you would like to amend your order after finalising the payment, please send an email to info@pieaerts.com 
However, if your print has arrived damaged and you can show that it was damaged in transit (before arrival), we will of course replace it free of costs for you! For limited edition prints we then either ask for receiving the damaged print back to us (shipping at own costs), or for proof of destruction of the print.