10% to charity

I am giving back for every sale!
If you know my work well, you know how much I care about the natural world. Therefore, with the launch of my new Umoja collection, I am taking a next step in making you part of my philosophy to give back.
For each print being sold, I will donate 10% of the net proceeds to organisations that supported me in realising this collection, to benefit the important work they are doing in safeguarding wildlife and people.
I deliberately chose for organisations that have a ‘people-first’ approach to conservation, because I deeply believe that in order to save nature, we should save people first.
So as of now, your purchase will directly contribute to and have an impact on improving the lives of people living in and around the parks I visit.  
This means, that by purchasing my work, YOU are making a difference!
For each print photographed in the greater Amboseli region, your donation goes to Big Life Foundation
For each print photographed in the greater Masai Mara region, your donation goes to Mara Elephant Project.
For each print photographed in Solio Ranch, your donation goes to Laikipia Conservancies Association.
For each print photographed in Zambia, your donation goes to Conservation Lower Zambezi
If you want to read more about why I chose these 4 specific partners, please click here