Pairing inspiration

One of my absolute favourite things in my work as an artist, is combining individual images that complement each other in telling 1 story. I see it as a form of visual poetry, in which a certain degree of ambiguity leaves room for the viewer’s own interpretation to fantasize about how the individual images are connected. This can be a diptych consisting of 2 images, a trilogy consisting of 3 complementary works or a sequence of 4 or more.
 Therefore, I crafted this Print Collection in a way that allows for everyone to build pairs to create visual stories that will decorate your home. Whether it’s a combination of lighter and darker tones, warmer or colder coloured hues, or a particular sequence of places you have visited on your own travels to Africa.
You can curate and tell your own story.

Step 1: Analyse your space
Carefully assess the final destination of the prints first. Perhaps your chosen room has dark walls or lots of sunlight at certain times of the day. Finding the right balance of colour and tones in the artworks you chose can help you creating a certain atmosphere in your space. Whatever decision you opt for, make sure to consider not only the colour palette of your chosen print, but also of the rest of your furniture and the walls.

Step 2: Build the pairs

The first question you should answer is, whether you are looking to pair 2 of the same sized prints, let’s say 2 x Medium sized prints. But if your space allows, you could also build a photo wall, combining S, M and L sized prints.

The key in building pairs is contrast. For instance, contrast between black and white or between dark and light. Let’s say, your selecting art for an open space, rooms with big white walls. In that case, you’re most likely making different decision than when your space is already quite full of furniture and has a darker colour palette.

Another beautiful way of telling a story through image pairs, is by selecting 2 different compositions of the same animal, let’s say an elephant. Or combining two individual images of the same landscape that tell 1 complimentary story. Let your fantasy lead you in creating pairs and tell your own story.

Have fun pairing!