Our paper

As a wildlife photographer, an advocate for the natural world and a perfectionist all at once, I’m always on a quest for more sustainable printing solutions without making concessions to quality. The brand-new Hahnemühle Natural Line offers me exactly that. And therefore I could not be more proud to officially serve as the first global Hahnemühle Natural Line Ambassador. 
All my fine-art paintwork is printed on their sustainable Hemp paper, entirely made from natural raw materials (60% hemp and 40% cotton) without the use of pesticides and chemicals, and while using substantially less water. In the world of printing, this paper is with a distance the most sustainable solution. 
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All my artwork is printed with Epson Stylus SC-P10000 printers or Sure Color SC-P20000 inktjet printers. The finest details are guaranteed with UltraChrome K3-inktset as well as the Epson Micro Piezo ™ technology. The entire printing process and the careful selection of the paper, the printers and the ink is done with longevity in mind. Before printing, each image is meticulously primed and tested by professionals in our print lab to ensure that maximum contrast and balanced tones are achieved for large size printing. Each print will therefore be a life-long investment.