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Open edition artwork
Photographed in Solio Ranch, Kenya
Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White

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I’ll never forget this particular morning in Solio Ranch, which appeared to be a true lesson in humility. A young calf and her mother seemed curious and approached us from afar, which is already on itself, a truly remarkable sight. When closer to our car, the warm voice of my guide calmed them even further and consequently mother and daughter allowed me to get on the ground, with them. I could almost feel their breath and when looking deep into their eyes, I could sense the secrets that run as deep as the enchanted Solio woods.

For a good 30 minutes I was in total awe, every now and then taking a few images in an attempt to depict their prehistoric history and awareness. But in essence, all I was really doing was staring, while at the very same time realising I was only a few feet away from an animal that has the ability to create a bond far deeper than any human ever can or will. In some way, and this might sound odd, but my mind became lighter, the air I was breathing began to feel like food for new opportunities and a certain degree of calmness overtook me. An almost spiritual experience that propelled me forward into deeper peace and freedom.

You are making a difference with purchasing this print!
For each of this particular print being sold, I am donating 10% of the net proceeds to
Laikipia Conservancies Association, so that they can continue their important work in safeguarding wildlife and people. Read more about why I am doing this here.

Due to the custom-made nature of each artwork, framing is only available through personal inquiry, read more about it in our FAQ. Do you want to know more about the difference between ‘fine-art on dibond’ & ‘acrylic glass’, click here.



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What people say about my prints


We have been following Pie’s work for more than 5 years now. Therefore, having one of his Umoja prints decorating our home, is not only an incredible honour, but also a testament to our support for his mission as an artist and conservationist. His work is now a beautiful daily reminder of our own memories made in Africa on various trips to Kenya as well as Zambia.

Drew & Jennifer
San Diego, USA

It’s been such a rewarding process to pick & choose the artworks as well as the materials for our two framed Umoja prints. Pie carefully guided us through the entire process and even invited us in his studio in Amsterdam to see some of the samples in person. His approach to making art as well as his commitment to protecting nature, is tangible in every step of the way.

Anne-Marie & Jaap
Rotterdam, Netherlands

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